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Closed for the time being

Updated 15.03.20 · 12:00

Dear Friend

Following the Danish government recommendations and the initiatives being implemented throughout Europe, Admiralgade 26 as Ved Stranden 10 will continue to be closed until further notice

We have on this basis also chosen to close our shop at Ved Stranden 10, for the time being.

We continue to act prudently until we have further clarification from the authorities, and as them, await more data. If we are to fight this we need to avoid unnecessary contact and shorten the stand off on a personal level as well as a community.

As one of our dear colleagues just said:

“Sometimes we have to fly against the wind – only then can we feel it on our face”


We meet this the challenges as a collective and will support each other through this, with the sole focus to maintain the integrity of work spaces, jobs and livelihoods. We support were support is needed and share what is available.

We are in “close” contact with colleagues and trade on how to handle this and are very thankful for the support from guests and the authorities.

Guests with reservations will be contacted directly as soon as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to write us or ask questions on social media.