1066 København K
+45 33 33 79 73


Welcome to Admiralgade 26




We cannot wait to once again open our doors and let you and the sunlight in. Many things have changed, maybe for good.

But then again everything is recognisable; A desire to be present, the joy given from good craftsmanship, maintain or  regain tranquility and not least meet.

We have prepared well for your visit for the life ahead. With spacious surrondings, new ways of service and an amble amount of guidelines for you as well as us.

Please take your time to read the following as well as the confirmation mail you receive when completion your reservation.


Online reservation can be made for 1 - 6 guests. If you are a larger group please write us at

We serve lunch from 1130 - 1500. In the evening we are here from 1730 - 2358. The kitchen closes roughly at 2200.

When you reserve a table, you can choose between "Not the entire evening" or "or almost as you please". "Not the entire evening" covers 2 hours of pleasantries and makes perfect sense if you have after dinner plans. There are no menu restrictions.

If someone in or your intire group can't make it, please let us know as soon as possible. This so other might have the oppertunity to dine with us and or cause us unnecessary loses.




Vitues and pointers

Our restautant can seat 25 guests, which ensures amble of space between the tables.

Please be on time, not early nor late. If delayed please call us.

Do not bring space consuming outerwear if not neccesary. Bring instead a photo for show and tell.

We know you want a hug and give high fives. Catch up with a long lost friends and say hi to everyone in the room. We feel you but PLEASE DON’T. show gestures of joy instead.

Finally a few notes from the health department.

If you have symptoms of illness, please stay at home until you are symptom free for at least 48 hours.

Your group should only consists of people who are already in close contact with each other or see each other in a similar way. (DHA guidelines).

As always in life, principles kindness, paitience and high spirits are good to live by.

It's wondrous once again to get the chance to host you.