1066 København K
+45 33 33 79 73


Ta-da !

We cannot wait to once again open our doors and let you and the sunlight in.

Many things have changed, maybe for good.

But then again everything is recognisable; A desire to be present, the joy given from good craftsmanship, maintain or  regain tranquility and not least meet.

We have prepared well for your visit for the life ahead. With spacious surroundings, new ways of service and an amble amount of guidelines for you as well as us.

On Monday & Tuesday
our two corners doubles as wine bars, to ease everyone in to the streets on this glorious day. Open both days from 1600. Monday we will open oysters and grill on the terrasse, with the lovely opportunity to withdraw to our corner.
From Wednesday,  
Admiralgade 26 will reconvene, starting with lunch at 1130  - 1500 and dinner service from 1730. Reservations will open tomorrow Friday or feel free to send us an e-mail.
Upon re-entry, please be considerate, polite and kind. We can not wait to open our doors once again.